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  • Adoro jogos, Dot, 15 anos ....
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Estou disponivel para jogar Insurgency se alguem o tiver !
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5 anos atrás
Eu tenho adicioname no steam :) CoisasDoFabio


Insurgency updated today to include redesigned Coop and Multiplayer server browser menus, various features for mod support, bug fixes and polish to several maps. Full change list is below:
  • Redesigned Cooperative and Multiplayer menus:
    • Filter results displayed as a server browser list
    • Servers can now be filtered by mod support (sv_pure value) and official status (include/exclude official servers).
    • Note: quick connect to servers functionality temporarily removed until next patch.
  • Ragdolls will spawn blood decals on surfaces behind them when shot.
  • Added “Cold World” support which allows winter maps to emit a cold breath particle from players’ mouths. This may be enabled in a level by toggling the setting on in Map Properties.
Modding Features and Improvements
  • Hammer:
    • Fixed crash when using the arrow keys to navigate the model browser.
    • Automatically transfer focus to map view if previous focus window was also a map view which is consistent with the focus behavior in Valve’s original implementation. This behavior can be reverted in the options menu.
  • Added outputs to ins_rulesproxy entity:
    • “OnWaveDeployedTeamOne” - fired when the Security team respawns as the result of a reinforcement wave.
    • “OnWaveDeployedTeamTwo” - fired when the Insurgent team respawns as the result of a reinforcement wave.
    • “OnRapidDeploymentTeamOne” - fired when the Security team is reinforced as the result of an objective capture.
    • “OnRapidDeploymentTeamTwo” - fired when the Insurgent team is reinforced as the result of an objective capture.
    • “OnRoundReset” is now a string output which contains the name of the gamemode being played.
  • Added “Destructible Object” entity which can be hooked up to map scripts as alternative destructible objects instead of a weapon cache. The destructible object defaults to a radio which may be shot and has 100 health, but may be configured to be whatever object a modder wants it to be and contain the appropriate amount of health. Here is how a modder would change the object’s visuals in the map script:
    • “CustomModelPathHealthy” allows for a custom model path (e.g. "models/static_props/ins_radio.mdl").
    • "CustomModelPathDestroyed" allows for a custom destroyed model path (e.g. "models/static_props/ins_radio_burned.mdl").
  • Added AE_VM_GLOBALSOUND animation event to view models which will trigger sounds to other players on the server. Used for the M1 Garand ping in Day of Infamy.
  • Renamed “ins_explosion” to “env_explosion_ins” as this is more compatible with the Source round reset system.
  • Theaters:
    • Particle precache feature in theaters now works as intended.
    • Added “rifle_clip” act table for weapons for stripper clip loaded weapons.
  • Added new Invasion game mode for Day of Infamy.
  • Added support for bayonets as a weapon attachment upgrade. See Day of Infamy’s implementation for more info.
  • In addition to “draw_speed” and “holster_speed” modifiers for a weapon upgrade in the theater scripts, we have added “draw_speed_next_weapon” and “holster_speed_prev_weapon” modifiers as well, particularly to support the sling upgrade in Day of Infamy.
  • Playlist file changes (see example.playlist for examples):
    • Added “show_passworded_servers” to filters, allows for passworded servers to appear for your playlist in the new server browser.
    • Added “mod_support” to filters, enables a “mod support” checkbox to filter results by sv_pure status.
    • Added “localization” block, any localization files defined in here are loaded in the menu, this is deal for localized strings such as playlist name/descriptions, map names and gamemode names.
  • Fixed tags list not showing up sometimes when uploading a file to Workshop.
  • Soundscapes will now be added to map uploads on Workshop.
  • Map images are now located in “materials/vgui/maps”, map images require two versions and will fall back to “materials/vgui/endroundlobby/maps” for backwards compatibility
    • <mapname>_large - 1024x512 image used for banners
    • <mapname>_small - 256x128 image used for thumbnails
  • Weapon stock attachments now use a custom stock attachment point on the weapon instead of drawing a line to the foregrip in the Kit UI.
  • Player animations have been broken up into multiple animation models instead of a single one, so custom player models will need to be recompiled in order for animations to work.
  • The RPG and AT4 will display correctly in the Kit menu if set to a primary weapon.
Stability Improvements
  • Merged in some improved DoS protection from Orange Box.
Bug Fixes
  • Players can no longer plant C4 on walls inside restricted areas.
  • Fixed particle FX not being affected by fog.
  • Fixed sprinkler sounds doubling up.
  • Fixed sv_playlist not working correctly from Workshop mods on dedicated servers. sv_playlist can now be set on the command line and all Workshop playlists will be available to be set manually using the sv_playlist cvar.
  • Fixed downloading multiple Workshop mods simultaneously at server startup.
  • Connection failures now return you to the previous menu rather than the news screen.
Gameplay Improvements
  • Enemy AI in Survival becomes even more challenging as players progress.
  • Players can now prone in shallow water.
  • Adjusted the falloff of the prone crawling sound so it’s not as loud.
  • ANM-14 incendiary grenade now has its own bounce sound instead of using the M67 one.
  • Shotgun pumping is now more consistent while aiming down sights or hip firing. Equipping a foregrip also increases the speed of the pumping slightly.
Map Changes
  • Heights
    • Art updates.
    • Small clipping pass.
    • Fixed some small issues throughout the map.
  • Market
    • Clipping pass.
    • Fixed some exploits.
    • Smoothed some movement.
  • Ministry
    • Art updates
    • Fixed some small issues throughout the map.
  • Revolt
    • Fixed restricted zone for A Push SEC.
  • Siege
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Clipped all stairs.
  • Buhriz
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Clipped all stairs.
  • Kandagal
    • Fixed some clipping issues.